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Issue tracking made simple

How do you deal with the issues at your construction sites?

Increase Solar installation profitability

How the right software can help you build productivity in your solar PV installation projects

Creating new content

Reduce time for administration

What it really looks like to reduce time for administration by 30 %

Release Notes 3.16

Upgrade to the PRO version for ALL MightyFields Solar users

Dispatch of tasks with MightyFields Scheduler

Increase sales from recommendations

What it really looks like using MightyFields Solar to increase sales from recommendations by 20 %

Faster issue resolution

What it really looks like using MightyFields Solar to resolve issues 20% faster

Increase team productivity

What it really looks like using MightyFields Solar to increase team productivity by 15 %

When Could Your Teams Start with a New Solar PV Installation?

The Power of Real-Time Work Planning

Smart Scheduler

Plan fieldwork on a click with power of artificial intelligence (AI)

How about controling your issue resolution stream?

Streamline your issue resolution process and keep projects running smoothly

The Onboarding to MightyFields Solar in one month!

Starting to work with new software can seem stressful

Before and after using MightyFields Solar

What are the results of using MightyFields Solar

SNEAK-PEEK to a new Dashboard

All users will now get an upgraded look and feel of the app, and you can also decide to use a new feature - Add office tasks!

CALO.SOL & MightyFields

How CALO.SOL Became the Ultimate Choice for Subcontractors in One Month

SNEAK-PEEK TO THE RESULT: 85% shorter billing cycle

"... With MightyFields Solar, we have shortened the billing cycle from one or two weeks to one or two days,..."

MightyFields mobile app – Branded

Use your logo and colours to unify the experience with your service in the field and within the (subcontracted) team

Automated reporting – Branded

After every site visit get branded documents used internally by your team or prepared for the client.

Being managed with MightyFields Solar

Mobile task management enables field technicians to deliver exceptional service

Managing projects with MightyFields Solar

Enhance collaboration and ensure the timely completion of your installation projects with MightyFields Solar

JB Energija & MightySolar

Mounting solar power plants on residential and business objects in Slovenia and Croatia with MightySolar

Efficient Pre-Visit Activities for Solar PV Installers

Having an organized and streamlined process for pre-visit activities is crucial for ensuring smooth operations.

Empowering Reports from Site Visits

MightySolar revolutionizes the way solar PV installers share information and updates

Time tracking of your solar PV installations

Track time spent on tasks with one click

Manners of reviewing project stages

View projects in different ways, such as a list, map, or kanban view.

Quality Assurance: Let’s do it remotely!

How can you ensure the quality of the PV installation service; answered through the installer journey.

Process Acceleration – Let’s automate what can be automated!

To not only gain speed but also to raise quality in the process.

View the tasks on the map!

Map view for the back office administrators and mobile workers

What should you consider when digitizing the installation process?

And what to focus on when you decide on the solutions?


Data collection made easy

Collect rich relevant field data with least click approach

Scheduling tasks with ease

Schedule tasks with only a couple of clicks

Flexible task creation

Explore different options for creating tasks for field worker

Design field data capture with ease

Define data capture for your field teams in only a couple of clicks.

Explain field situations with annotated images

Explain complex situations with a single image using Image annotations

Get 24/7 insight into your solar PV construction projects!

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