Manners of reviewing project stages

View projects in different ways, such as a list, map, or kanban view.

Quality Assurance: Let’s do it remotely!

How can you ensure the quality of the PV installation service; answered through the installer journey.

Process Acceleration – Let’s automate what can be automated!

To not only gain speed but also to raise quality in the process.

View the tasks on the map!

Map view for the back office administrators and mobile workers

What should you consider when digitizing the installation process?

And what to focus on when you decide on the solutions?


Data collection made easy

Collect rich relevant field data with least click approach

Scheduling tasks with ease

Schedule tasks with only a couple of clicks

Flexible task creation

Explore different options for creating tasks for field worker

Design field data capture with ease

Define data capture for your field teams in only a couple of clicks.

Explain field situations with annotated images

Explain complex situations with a single image using Image annotations

Smart Scheduler

Plan fieldwork on a click with power of artificial intelligence (AI)

Get 24/7 insight into your solar PV construction projects!

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