"I would like to report an issue"

Imagine that your installers could fill out the forms by talking to a mighty AI assistant. An assistant that understands what data you need—for example—for issue reporting and can talk about it with your installer.

Besides, this assistant would keep your system tidy, gathering information from these conversations in a structured form, just as you need it to run your business efficiently and to start learning and planning from your data.

In brief, the AI assistant would:

Listen to your installers

Guide them to work systematically

Remind them of the data they need to provide for your safety, your client's satisfaction and your team's efficiency in the long run

Detect the needed data

Structure the data and save it within the system

And this is just the first step. By giving him specific information about your assets and how to install and maintain them, he could be the best go-to colleague and most skilled coworker on your site teams. Furthermore, he can speak any language. Imagine!

Wondering what using AI would look like?

Feel free to contact us to demonstrate the usage and discuss your issue (and project) management flow with you.