Efficiently manage solar PV installations!

For streamlining, overviewing and managing multiple solar PV installation projects at once

Digitalize your installation process!

With MightyFields, you connect office workers and field teams, internal and subcontracted, in every step of Solar PV plant installation.

Overview of all installation projects

You will have one place where all the data from the field will be available instantly. A map of locations with status insights and clickable access to detailed information about the process status of each location.

Empowered solar PV installers

Your internal and subcontracted teams will use a mobile app for all. To gain insight into data from the previous steps of the process and to capture rich data according to practices you consider best for your teams.

Documentation in one place

You can access all relevant documentation and tasks about your projects in one place: documents related to prework activities, reports from each installation stage, and tasks for fieldworkers and the back-office staff.

Supported client service

Your client-oriented teams (sales, support) will have instantly available all the information from the field in a map/kanban/list overview. Besides, automated reports sent directly to clients can clarify the process and reduce the needed client communication.

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    What can you expect?

    Best practices, customized

    Pre-defined workflow and data capture templates you can edit. Customize workflow stages, form fields, checklists, photo/signature capture, branding and more.

    No paperwork, single app

    One app connecting office and field teams in an efficient workflow. All data is available in the office and the field in all workflow stages.

    Automated workflow

    When one process step finishes, the next one starts automatically. Your installer receives a notification with a to-do list, data capture template and all the data from the previous step(s).

    Automated reports & emails

    Reports about the work done with the client’s signature automatically sent to the client’s email address. Or yours? You can decide where and how your data is used.

    Integration with CRM/ERP

    If you are already supported with CRM or ERP, we can integrate it and make it even mightier! The data captured in the field can be seen and used in your existing applications.

    Offline data collection

    MightyFields forms are fully functional, even offline. Collect data in remote locations with ease and peace of mind.

    Are you (also) building a utility size solar PV power plant?

    Check our Solar Dashboard for utility-size projects

    The Onboarding to MightyFields Solar in one month!

    What are the results of using MightyFields Solar?

    Before and after using MightyFields Solar

    What are the results of using MightyFields Solar?

    SNEAK-PEEK to a new Dashboard

    All users will now get an upgraded look and feel of the app, and you can also…

    CALO.SOL & MightyFields

    How CALO.SOL Became the Ultimate Choice for Subcontractors in One Month

    How is MightyFieldsdifferent from other tools?

    Solar PV construction specific

    To make your solar PV construction as smooth and straightforward as possible! Includes five best-practice templates for data capture in small-scale solar PV installations projects.

    Field-capture specific

    User-friendly app to capture (rich) data in all circumstances in the field! According to its users, MightyFields app outperforms other apps for its dedicated focus on end-user experience.

    Flexible (AI) scheduler

    Schedule your field technicians’ workload in a way that suits you best. You can leave it to the (1) AI scheduler to optimize the workload in a mighty manner, do it (2) manually, with (3) another scheduling system, or you can (4) leave it to technicians to take over a client in their neighbourhood.

    Templates, but customizable

    Projects differ; you can quickly adapt yours in a no-code designer – fantastic experience! Custom forms, form fields, checklists, photo/signature capture, … workflow stages and custom branding of all automated reports, emails and documents.

    Get 24/7 insight into your solar PV construction projects!

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