What it really looks like…

...to increase team productivity by 15 %

Using MightyFields Solar:

your office teams now have a clear overview of teams’ distribution for the next 6 months;

your field teams come well-informed and equipped at the installation site;

your teams' coordination and communication improves substantially and you can even track their performance and identify potential improvement points.

What does it really look like?

1st real change: Your teams at the installation site always have updated work schedules at hand:

  • In their mobile app, each team and team member accesses the list of work orders that need to be executed
  • within each work order, they access all the information they need to:
    come prepared to the installation site
    finish their work at the site efficiently
  • all the onsite work is documented instantly, and reports are available in ONE central location
  • the administrative reporting is done by the system instantly.

2nd real change: Your in-office teams manage projects with real-life data from the installation site:

  • Planning of resources is based on real-time data from installation sites
  • Automated alerts for managing milestones proactively and reducing risks of potential delays
  • The solar system design team has detailed information from the site survey visits
  • You have detailed information on the time and material spent on each of the activities

3rd real change: All your teams are guided through the installation process so they can focus on their professional work, productivity hacks, client communication and sales, ... or simply on the next installation project.

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