Efficient project management is crucial for the success of any installation project. With MightyFields Solar, you can seamlessly navigate through different project stages, ensuring a smooth workflow and effective collaboration within your team. Whether you stick with the predefined stages or adapt them to fit your team’s unique requirements, MightyFields Solar provides the flexibility and functionality to keep your project on track. Let’s explore how you can efficiently move projects through stages using the user-friendly interface.

Adaptable Stages for Your Project

MightyFields Solar offers predefined stages that cover the typical installation process, from site visits to mounting, electrical installation, commissioning, and fixing deficiencies. These stages serve as a starting point for your project management. However, if your team follows a different workflow, you have the freedom to adapt the stages accordingly. This flexibility ensures that MightyFields Solar caters to your team’s specific needs and processes.

Manual and Automatic Progression

Depending on the stage, you can choose between your projects’ manual and automatic progression. For stages like site visits and mounting, where specific actions or approvals are required, you can manually move tasks from one stage to the next. By clicking the “Action button” in the list view, you can easily initiate the transition, ensuring the project progresses smoothly. Yet other stages can be activated automatically after the previous specifications of the stage are met (all the data captured and reported, documents attached).

Streamlined Workflow with Kanban View

To have a comprehensive overview of your projects and their respective stages, MightyFields Solar offers a Kanban view. This view allows you to visualize the progress of each project as it moves through different stages. The “Action button” is conveniently present on each “Project leaflet” in the Kanban view, enabling you to update project stages with a single click. This visual representation enhances collaboration, improves transparency, and enables efficient decision-making within your team.


Efficiently managing your installation projects is essential for success, and MightyFields Solar provides the tools you need to streamline your workflow. Whether you use the predefined stages or customize them to align with your team’s processes, MightyFields Solar’s intuitive interface empowers you to move projects seamlessly from one stage to another. By leveraging the power of MightyFields Solar, you can enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and ensure the timely completion of your installation projects.