When it comes to communication with clients, MightySolar revolutionizes the way solar PV installers share information and updates.

Tailored for the installing company

With MightySolar, the installing company upgrades the so-called “best practice templates” of typical reports from the field, and therefore:

Adapt the content of the reports to their needs. Tailored reports are relevant to the specific project and client requirements, usually in the case of commercial or industrial power plant installations. Installing companies can choose to include details such as equipment installed, project status, issues encountered, and more, depending on what is relevant to share with the client.

Add more reports. Sometimes internal reports need to be provided with information such as the time needed for the installation, issues encountered, reports on broken/missing materials etc. The sooner and the more concrete the report on that information is reported from the site, the better.

Moreover, all MightySolar reports are branded PDFs that reflect the visual and stylistic constants of the installer company brand. This means that the reports can be customized with the company's logo, colors, and other branding elements, creating a professional and cohesive presentation that aligns with the company's image and identity.

Reporting manually or automatically

The process of sharing reports with clients is also made easy with MightySolar. Installers can choose to send the reports to clients either manually or automatically. Reports can be sent by the office staff or directly from the app as soon as the work in the field has been accomplished, ensuring timely communication and updates for the clients. The email in which the client receives the report will also be branded, using the visual and stylistic constants of the company’s brand, and sent from the company’s email address, creating a seamless and professional communication experience.

Availability of the reports

MightySolar provides a centralized location for all client reports, making them instantly available for the office team within each project stage. This allows for easy access and review of the reports, ensuring that the entire team is informed and up-to-date on the progress of each project. Furthermore, all the data and the reports can also be integrated into any of the existing apps the installing company might use.

In conclusion, MightySolar greatly enhances communication with clients by providing installers with the ability to instantly access and share information captured in the field. With customizable branded reports, automated or manual sending options, and centralized access for the office team, MightySolar ensures efficient and professional communication with clients throughout the solar PV installation process. Say goodbye to cumbersome and time-consuming communication methods and embrace the seamless and streamlined communication capabilities of MightySolar.