A significant advantage of MightySolar is that it provides a centralized location for all your project documentation and information, which helps ensure clarity and organization.

You can easily view your projects in different ways, such as a list, map, or kanban view – each with its own unique benefits.

List view

Allows you to see all your projects in a single, organized list format

Provides a quick overview of key project details such as clients name, project name, location and status

Allows for easy sorting and filtering of projects

Map View

Provides a visual representation of your projects and their locations on a map

Helps you to quickly identify projects in specific areas or regions

Makes it easier to schedule a new project to the right installation team

Kanban View

Provides a visual board with columns representing different stages of your projects, allowing you to easily track progress and identify bottleneck

Helps you to quickly identify which projects are in progress, which are completed, and which require action

It allows you to easily switch between different stages/columns based on their progress and status.