What it really looks like …

to reduce time for administration by 30 %

Using MightyFields Solar:

your office and field teams will be guided thru the installation process as defined by you

everyone will access all relevant project details at every step of the installation

reports from your installation sites will be automatically generated instantly

all the project documentation will be available in ONE app, with ONE click

What will change?

1st real change: Your teams at the site will use a simple mobile app.

  • In their mobile app, your installers will access the list of work orders that need to be executed
  • The app will lead them through the process as defined by you
  • They will report from the installation site instantly, with rich data (photos, videos, code-readers, etc.)
  • They will also access all relevant information from previous visits to the site available in the same app

2nd real change: Branded documents will be automatically prepared from their reports

  • Your reports from the installation site will include rich data (videos, photos, codes, etc.)
  • You will use this information for
    – Internal documentation needed for further procedures, warranty claims and maintenance, and
    Client communication with all relevant project information and documentation

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