How do you deal with the issues at your construction sites?

Imagine your site managers being able to report identified issues directly via a mobile app. Once the issues are reported, you can manage them in one system and track all the detailed information about your installation sites and maintenance of power plants in one place.

Here is how to never miss an issue and solve them all 25% faster

You’ll never miss one issue!

Both your office and your field teams will have real-time information on the status and details of every issue that concerns them.

Once the issue is reported (from the office or from the field), you can schedule its resolution (in the office), resolve it (in the office or in the field), and close it, meaning you confirm the resolution by closing the issue in the office.

Every issue will have all the detailed information, with reports available in chronological order. You can use them to overview all the activities made at the site or, more importantly, to prove work once the issue repeats or needs detailed analysis.

So you can always be sure that all the issues will be resolved. Not only the critical ones.

You’ll solve issues 25% faster!

There will be no talking or discussing the process, just work and meaningful conversations with the aim of solving the issue.

With just a few clicks, in a few seconds, your team members can report, schedule, and report about the resolved issue.

Reporting can include all the information you might need—from the issues’ micro-location, photo/video materials, detailed description, severity rating, or any other relevant information—to support your team in having an issue log empty.

Automated workflows and clear communication will help you resolve issues up to 25% faster. Mighty!

Wondering what the flow would look like?

Feel free to contact us to demonstrate the usage and discuss your issue (and project) management flow with you.