So you are dealing with multiple relatively simple projects of solar PV installations. From site survey to mounting, electrical installations, and commissioning. And yes, sometimes some deficiencies are recognised in the commissioning phase, so you return to the installation site and fix them.

And even if the process is repeatable and relatively simple, managing multiple projects simultaneously is not simple. Not only are there many projects simultaneously (and growing!), but there is a lack of workforce, not to mention a knowledgeable workforce, materials are scarce, and their prices can change daily, which is far from simple.

So let’s make things bearable – by automating what can be automated and standardising what can be standardised. To not only gain speed but also to raise quality in the process.

Let's automate what can be automated!

As mentioned, the process is simple. The data you need to capture within the process is straightforward. As a Project Manager, why would you continue doing repeatable tasks when those can be automated or at least semi-automated?

With MightSolar Process Accelerator, the system will:

Automatically prepare work orders for your teams (prefilled with information about the client, the installation and the site)

Your teams will have all the data from previous stages of the process available at the installation site

You will have all the details from different installation sites available in one place

You will also be able to instantly see in which stage each of your projects is (and what will be the following action)

You will be able to move a project from one stage to another manually (guided by just making a click), or you can also automate the transition

From the installation site, (branded) reports will be generated automatically – some of them you will prepare to be automatically sent to an email of the client, and others will be prepared for you and your team/company (e.g. these can include time tracking or any other information that doesn't concern your client)

Your colleagues in the Client Support team will be informed about everything as well

And nevertheless, you will have all the information for the next phases (warranty claims, O&M phase) available in one place

And yes, there is more.

Have we mentioned that most of the above is customizable?

The process, the forms to capture the data, the reports, the emails, data and document flow…

But let’s leave it for the next blog post. And if you are too curious to wait, we can have a 30 min call and discuss your specific case.

    Mighty Solar package consists of various tools, among them Process Accelerator