Upgrade to the PRO version for ALL MightyFields Solar users

Don’t be surprised because of the NEW LOOK and FEEL of MightyFields Solar – a new version is being released these days. However, the new user experience of all in-office MightyFields Solar users is not the only change brought by the new release.

There are 3 NEW FEATURES, one of them now available to all users; however, in three months, it closes for the installers that decide to upgrade their mighty package to the PRO version.

Tasks’ view

To manage your projects and tasks with greater confidence, we have added three types of task views. Opening the menu bar, you can now access:

  • All Tasks – so all the tasks open on all projects you have access to
  • My Tasks – all your tasks on any project
  • My Project Tasks – all tasks on all your projects

You can further filter and list the tasks according to your preferences.

Document’s view

Within each project (btw, project view has a completely new look and feel 😊), you can now access a list of documents connected to that project.

You can filter the view according to stages, and list documents the way you want.

Documents can be dragged and dropped into the field or attached through office tasks. Really simple!

Office tasks – the mightiest change of this release!

Until now, MightyFields Solar has been used for simplifying the communication and exchange of data and information between the project manager and the field technicians who execute the site visit, mounting, commissioning etc.

With so called OFFICE TASKS, you can now also schedule tasks that were supposed to be done in the office. For instance, all the tasks preparing and submitting permit applications, preparing technical documentation and string design reports, material orders, invoicing etc. Well, now you can follow the execution of these as well!


Office tasks will be available in the PRO version of MightyFields Solar; however, for the first three months, ALL Mighty users will become PROs. Use it and later decide whether you want to switch to the PRO version or not.

You are mighty welcome 😊

PRO or STARTER MightyFields Solar package?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to decide. You can use office tasks now and see how much value they add to your process and team. In case after 3 months you do not decide to use these, nothing will change; you will just lose the ability to add office tasks – all the created tasks will remain in the app.

Besides office tasks, the PRO package includes some other features. Let us know your interest and we’ll present you with the package. However, no need to rush; you can decide in 3 months.