How the right software can help you build productivity in your solar PV installation projects

For residential and commercial PV installers, efficiency in planning, deploying, and managing solar projects is key to staying competitive in the renewable energy market, making it crucial for installers to leverage technological advancements. Here are some figures installers can meet by managing projects with MightyFields Solar.


Increased team productivity

Based on:

  • Clear overview of teams’ distribution for the next 6 months
  • No “surprises” when arriving at the site
  • Improved coordination and communication between in-office and field teams
  • Compare teams’ performance and identify improvements


Reduction in administration time

Based on:

  • Guided process for Project managers and installation teams
  • All the project details are available at every step of the installation
  • Reports from sites are automatically generated
  • All the project documentation is available with ONE click


Increased sales from recommendations

Based on:

  • Clarity and consistency between planed-implemented-reported
  • Keeping the highest quality standards
  • Consistency in communication
  • Client satisfaction


Faster issue resolution

Based on:

  • Detailed issue report created with few clicks
  • Reduce the risk of issue misinterpretation
  • Keep track of all issues until they are resolved
  • Real-time information on incomplete material delivery

"My biggest benefit is that I do not need to be involved in day-to-day operations and can now focus more on strategic activities to provide the best services for our clients and partners."

Stefan Arnold, Managing Director at CALO.SOL GmbH

An all-in-one solution for managing residential and commercial solar installation projects. Besides supporting the in-office work of managers, it outperforms other apps for its dedicated focus on simplicity and reliability in specific fieldwork environments. MightyFields Solar offers you best-practice process templates that can be quickly and easily adapted to the specific needs of each solar PV installation company.

Who benefits most from the solution

Typically, MightyFields Solar is used by solar PV installers building residential and commercial installations up to 1 MWp. They install power plants with internal and subcontracted teams. During the construction, both internal and subcontracted installation teams want to focus on the quality of their work, not client communication and, even less, administrative tasks. The core of business profitability of these companies is based on efficient supply chain and resource management and as well as professional client communication.

MightyFields Solar supports these companies in a way that not only builds their operational efficiency and improves margins but also strengthens their market position with an outstanding system for reporting and communication.

At JB Energija, we strive towards quality and efficiency, and this is precisely what process digitalization with MightyFields Solar is offering.

Katerina Božič, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer

For Residential and Commercial PV installers, streamlining operations can significantly improve the teams’ performance, proactively manage installation projects, and enhance customer satisfaction. And that results not only in a 20% increase in sales from recommendations, but also in keeping a quality workforce and gaining flexibility and speed when onboarding new teams and individuals due to business growth.

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