What it really looks like …

... to resolve issues 20% faster

Using MightyFields Solar:

your field teams will now report an issue with a few clicks

the possibility to misinterpret an issue will be reduced to a minimum

you will be able to keep track of all issues until they are resolved

you will have real-time information on incomplete material delivery

What will change?

1st real change: Your field teams will use a simple mobile app for reporting and resolving issues.

  • They will be able to report issues from the site instantly, with rich data (photos, videos, code-readers, severity rate, etc.)
  • You will access the issue log and see which issues are assigned to whom, with all the details
  • After resolving an issue, an automated report with “proof of work” will be generated

2nd real change: Your in-office teams will use a simple project management app for managing issues

  • They will have all issues available in ONE location
  • They will keep track of the status of all issues from when they are reported until they are resolved, and
  • You will keep the quality of issue resolution to the highest standards

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