As a solar PV installer, having an organized and streamlined process for pre-visit activities is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and maximizing productivity. In this blog post, we will walk you through how our installers proceed with pre-visit activities using the MightySolar app on their mobile devices.

With MightySolar, our mighty installers in the field (whether internal or subcontracted) receive notifications to their mobile devices when tasks are assigned within our projects, making it easy for them to prepare for client visits.

#1 Reviewing Project Documentation and Data

Upon receiving a task notification, installers can open the MightySolar app on their mobile devices, where they can access a list of projects they have been assigned to, arranged chronologically. The tasks are distributed with the location in mind, as the office staff had a map view available while scheduling the projects.

By clicking on the task, the installer can review the project documentation and data, including any notes or information from previous visits to the client’s site. This also allows them to take the right tools as well as check if they need to bring any other materials. That way they are well-prepared and informed before heading to the client’s location.

#2 Contacting the Client and Navigating to the Location

To facilitate client communication and navigation, the MightySolar app provides convenient options for installers. By swiping the task to the right, the installer can easily call the client or use their preferred navigation app to be guided to the client’s location. This ensures that the installer can easily reach the site and avoid any delays or confusion.

#3 Capturing Data and Information at the Location

The installer uses the MightySolar app at the client’s site to capture data and information about the work done. This typically includes taking photos, scanning barcodes, and selecting answers from dropdown menus. The data capture process is simple and efficient, allowing installers to quickly record relevant information for future visits and client communication. This ensures that all necessary data is accurately captured in real time, eliminating the need for manual data entry or paperwork.

Read an article on collecting rich, relevant field data with the least click approach for more information.

#4 Reviewing Automatically Generated Reports

Once the work is completed, installers can use the MightySolar app to review automatically generated reports from the site. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of the work done, including details such as installed equipment, project status, and any issues encountered. Some teams choose to send these reports to clients via automated email, while others access them manually. Additionally, all the reports are available from the MightySolar app dashboard or any app connected to MightySolar through integration, making it easy for the rest of the team to access and review the reports.

Efficiency and Productivity with MightySolar

By leveraging the features of the MightySolar app for pre-visit activities, our installers can efficiently and effectively carry out their tasks in the field. With access to project documentation, easy client communication and navigation, streamlined data capture, and automatically generated reports, our installers are equipped with the tools they need to deliver high-quality service to our clients. MightySolar empowers our installers to be organized, productive, and well-prepared for client visits, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for both our team and our clients.

In conclusion, efficient pre-visit activities are essential for solar PV installers to ensure smooth operations and maximize productivity. With the MightySolar app, our installers can easily review project documentation, communicate with clients, capture data, and review reports, leading to efficient and effective field operations. To learn more about how MightySolar can streamline your solar PV installation process, contact our team.