The mobility that adds value

Explore the benefits of mobile field operation software for solar PV…

How will you manage tasks during your project?

Flexible task management for efficient project management.

Map view for clarity, teams’ motivation … and simplified reporting

What are the benefits of having a map view on solar construction sites?

Ways of planning your project

Select the most effective project planning strategy for you.

How to follow your assets right from the construction phase?

Easily access asset history from the construction phase.

How do you follow a reported issue from your office?

Get notifications and overview all the issues on the map.

How to design a field data capture experience for your team?

Design a simple, easy-to-use interface for optimal field work

What will the field experience of your field teams look like?

How your life would change having a MightyFields Dashboard?

How to sleep better when you are a project manager of solar PV construction plants?

How your life would change having a MightyFields Dashboard?

The cost of an up-to-date overview of the solar PV construction portfolio

How to manage field operations data in multiple application environments

Get 24/7 insight into your solar PV construction projects!

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