Accelerate your utility-sized solar PV construction!

Construction Project & Field Management App for Utility-Size Solar PV Power Plants

What will change using MightyFields

#1 Plan and review projects in one place

You will set a project plan with a few clicks in your MightyFields web application. All the necessary tasks will be shown on the Gantt chart, and you will be able to quickly adjust the plan to your client’s needs and the realities of your team.

Later, when your team starts working in the field, you will be able to see the plan and the actual progress data in one place and adapt the plan accordingly.

#2 Get detailed reports from a site with few clicks

Site managers and technicians from your (subcontracted) teams will have a mobile app that will lead them through simple data captures to report work done, issues, quality checks, asset disposal reports, etc. They will capture photos, location details, bar codes, etc. In no time, with just a few clicks.

Information will be instantly available in your web app where you have previously planned the project.

#3 Plan and act upon the actual situation

Once you have up-to-date information from the construction site, your project management can become more data-based. Getting the alert about the issue at the site, you can send tasks to the mobile apps of your teams and individuals at the construction site and review the work done.

In other words, you will stop losing time and energy (yours and of your dedicated teams) for bureaucracy and start using it for actual project management. Feels good!

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    What can you expect as a result?

    Control over your milestones

    Seeing the plan and the actual progress data in one place gives you a clear overview of your milestones. 

    You can get instant insight into various data from the construction site, including:

    • Daily work progress;
    • Quality control;
    • Material delivery;
    • Environmental and Health&Safety.

    Higher quality of your work and efficiency of your team

    Standardized planning and data capture procedures and more systematic quality controls will add to the quality and efficiency of your team. You will spend less time on data capture and get more accurate and detailed information.

    The clarity of progress and open issues at the construction site will allow you to make data-driven decisions. What else do you need?

    Structured data for further procedures

    Data from the construction site will be available instantly for the following: 

    • reporting to clients (auto-generated reports that you can edit),
    • warranty claims,
    • asset disposal procedures,
    • etc.

    Later, when the construction is finished, the same data will serve as an input for asset management and efficient maintenance in the O&M phase of your solar PV power plant.

    Easily on-boarded and more motivated (subcontracted) team

    Giving your (subcontracted) knowledgeable and skilled workers (in the office and at the site) an app that guides them through all the procedures they need to know, you will:

    • reduce time spent on bureaucracy,
    • focus their work on knowledge-based tasks, and
    • motivate your team to excel at their specialised tasks.

    Whether the team is yours or subcontracted, the effectiveness and efficiency will determine your client reports and final project calculations.

    What will the field experience of your field teams look like?

    How your life would change having a MightyFields Dashboard?

    The mobility that adds value

    Explore the benefits of mobile field operation software for solar PV…

    How do you follow a reported issue from your office?

    Get notifications and overview all the issues on the map.

    How to design a field data capture experience for your team?

    Design a simple, easy-to-use interface for optimal field work

    How is MightyFieldsdifferent from other tools?

    Solar PV construction specific

    To make your solar PV construction as smooth and simple as possible!

    Field-capture specific

    User-friendly app to capture (rich) data in all kinds of circumstances in the field!

    Templates, but customizable

    Projects differ and you can easily adapt yours in a no-code designer – amazing experience!

    Get 24/7 insight into your solar PV construction projects!

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