24/7 insight into your solar PV projects #6 

Solar PV construction dashboard is a tool that bridges the gap in having complete insight into your solar plant between the design and the operations phase of the lifecycle of your utility solar PV plant. And what matters the most is comparing the planned and the actual situation at the construction site.

How does the Dashboard get the information on a project plan?

MightyFields Solar PV construction dashboard is designed to include simple, user-friendly project definitions and progress tracking based on accurate, up-to-date data from the construction site. However, the tool is flexible.

There are various ways of defining your solar PV construction project.

You can use the Dashboard to plan your project. Entering the basic information about your future solar PV plant (the size of the plant and the preferable delivery date), you get a sketch of your project plan that you can edit and adjust to your future predictions. Very simple, very basic.

However, if you already use a project management tool with which you plan the project, there is no need to change this. You can keep using it. Your team or ours can seamlessly integrate the Dashboard with some of the leading project management tools (e.g. Primavera), making sure we can compare the plan and actual situation from the solar PV construction site.

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