Benefits of mobile field operation software for solar PV construction

What are the basic benefits of digitalizing data capture in building PV Power Plants? In other words, what are the basic functionalities an app should offer you to give your field workers a good user experience? So that the data capture will be simple and make life less complicated for your field teams. 

Easy to use and understand

The MightyFields mobile app is easy to use and designed for field-based users. Fill out forms in on- and offline settings on any device (Android, iOS or web) and focus on your job instead of the data-capturing procedure! 

Guided work process

Complex forms can sometimes become overwhelming. MightyFields offers a guided work process where only relevant information is shown to the client and fieldworker and where the form cannot be finished before all the obligatory data is entered. Therefore, data can be collected efficiently and accurately. 

Cloud-based data upload

Collect data anywhere, even in a remote location without an internet connection, as forms are also fully functional offline. Once an internet connection is established, all the data is automatically updated in the system. 

Enhanced photo and video capture

Field status updates can be reported by capturing images from your camera and/or photo library. Annotate and markup photographs to draw attention to problems that have been found in the field. Add a video to your form for an even easier description of the problem. 

Better customer and client experience

Clients can receive a signed professional report with all the information about the work that has been performed. As soon as the work is done, a report is automatically generated and sent directly to the customer’s email. 

Easy validation of data

By scanning a QR and Barcode, the data will automatically be filled in the form. As a result, field workers can easily obtain information such as serial numbers, names, device types, etc. with just one click! Scanning is possible with the mobile device or additional an BlueTooth scanner. 

And yes, MightyFields offers more mighty features 😊 However, you can follow these criteria for the bare minimum. Do not offer your field team an app that does not cover at least these functionalities.   

Contact our mighty team and see how we can help you.