24/7 insight into your solar PV projects #5 

Asset history is valuable. That simple. If not for the clarity and continuity of asset management during the O&M phase, then for other, less cheerful reasons.

Once you have been in the situation to claim a warranty with a poor track of your assets’ history, you sure wish you had started building asset history from the very beginning – from the construction phase.

Another case. There has been an accident, and you know solar panels delivered with a specific truck might be damaged. You don’t want to have them built in your solar PV plant, do you? Or, if you have them built into your solar PV plant, you would probably want to track them in case a low-performance issue occurs later.

In the previous posts, we have seen how the site managers build the asset history from the construction site.

Now let’s look at how you can reach it: 

Map overview

A single click on an asset (in this case, on a solar panel) gives you an insight into the asset’s core information and history.

Tree structure

A simple folder distribution of the assets on a particular solar PV construction site. By selecting one of the items, you can access detailed information on the specific asset (in this case, a solar panel).

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