24/7 insight into your solar PV projects #4 

Remember our blog article on how issue reporting looks in the field?

Today, we’ll continue and talk about what happened in the office when a site manager reported an issue from the solar PV construction site.

#1 Situation

You are a Technical Director and very interested in how your solar PV construction projects are doing. You want to know the overall situation and some specific situations and where your immediate help might support the construction team and prevent further delays.

#2 How are you kept in the loop

The issues the Site Manager reported are all listed in the MigtyFields dashboard. Further, if a Site Manager decides to report an issue with high priority, you will also receive an email with the document describing the problem.

#3 The issue has been reported

For some reason, the site manager has decided that the broken screen deserves a high-priority label. And you have received an email with the report.

#4 You enter MightyFields Dashboard

You open a web application, log in and (besides the overall situation at the site) see which issues have been reported lately. The broken screen issue has been marked as a high-priority issue, and it is shown at the top of the list.

You can also see clearly where the issue is at the construction site.

This view shows you that several issues with the same content have been reported in this area, which might be why a broken screen has been reported as a high-priority issue.

#5 Next step

You access the documentation of the broken screen to see if this situation fits for a warranty claim. However, this is another story we might show you one day 😊

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