24/7 insight into your solar PV projects #7 

As a project manager, you define the project so you can control all the teams working on the site. Is that correct? All the teams, their milestones and the quality of their work.

However, your stakeholders are mostly not interested in that view. That is why a map view is so important. What are its benefits?

Gantt chart rules, but it is not enough.

Yes, the Gantt chart is helpful and clarifies the project. To the project manager and the teams involved in the project. That is why MightyFields Solar PV Construction Dashboard makes it easy to define your project and reflects the plan in the Gantt chart. With all the dependencies and critical paths included.

But the stakeholders (any of them – the internal management team, the investor, your teams at the construction site, …) can not read these charts the way you can as a project manager or project director. They need the view to be more tangible. They need a map view. And if they need it, you need it.

What map view brings you?

A fast overview of the construction site is the most apparent benefit. For your stakeholders, your data from the Gantt chart is much easier to digest when you look at it from the perspective of space and progress. And your stakeholders can be the internal management team, the investor, and your teams at the construction site.

Clarity of the overall goal completion. With a map view, the general goal completion is clear for the teams that usually focus on their milestones and work. It reminds them of their mission and the interdependency of teams at the construction site. And usually, a team with a clear mission and vision is a motivated team.

Clarity of the open issues at the site. Transparency of the issues at the site motivates the teams to complete their work with quality in mind. Make it transparent to add peer pressure to your team dynamics, and tell us about the results!

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