Flexible task management for efficient project management


You have used the MightyFields Construction Project Management App to manage your solar PV plant. This means you have planned the project in two steps:

  1. You entered the basic information about your future solar PV plant (the size of the plant and the preferable delivery date) to get a draft of your project plan.
  2. Then you edited the proposed plan according to your future predictions. Very simple, very basic.

Now you have a plan, but how will you manage tasks during the project?

Task management options in MightyFields

 #1 Pre-Scheduled Tasks

The plan defines some (pre-scheduled) tasks. These usually refer to material or component delivery tasks, quality control and other actions that can be pre-defined and are meant to be reported from the field. Field teams receive these tasks daily or weekly, depending on your settings, to their mobile device to execute them and report about it.


When your team finishes pile ramming, your site manager gets a task to conduct quality control.

When you plan a material delivery, your workers get all the information about the delivery to their mobile device to carry out the takeover as efficiently as possible.

 #2 Progress and Issue Reporting

Other tasks will be unplanned, even if we expect them to occur. These tasks can be triggered by field team members when they report progress or issue at the construction site.

A field team member can always open a template on their tablet to report progress or an issue that arises in the field. They just start a new report, select the task they are working on and enter progress. Easy, with just a few clicks.


A team (during the material delivery or further in the process) notices a broken panel. Opens an issue reporting template and reports the issue’s content in the most suitable way possible—by taking a photo, editing it, recording a video, writing a description, etc. A location is marked automatically.

#3 Ad-hoc tasks

Some tasks still occur unexpectedly. These are usually replies to the issues reported from the field to the office.


In the first example, your site manager performed quality control on rammed piles. If some piles are marked in the Pile Ramming Quality Report as unaligned, you can (from the office) create more tasks to correct the situation on the field. For example, “Pile cutting and painting”. Those tasks can be “pushed” to the field instantly or distributed daily/weekly with other planned tasks.

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