Efficient planning of sales visits and accurate customer information

KMS represents world-class manufacturers of machinery and equipment for processing plastics and metals. They provide high-quality equipment, as well as quick, expert consulting tailored to each customer and machine maintenance. 


  • Non-optimal work processes: too much time is spent on planning and executing tasks.
  • Collecting data on paper and manually retyping data to ERP systems results in errors in collected information.
  • A need for more efficient collaboration with customers.  
  • Maintaining an overview of task planning and capacity for field teams.  


Firstly, we addressed the optimization of service interventions. KMS wished to simplify the submission of service requests with the possibility of adding multimedia content (image, video) and automatically creating a service order. So now when a customer reports a fault, a work order with all the details and multimedia content is created within MightyFields, and the field team notifies the customer about the planned visit. For easier completion of work, the field worker has historical insights into the previous field interventions.  

When a service is completed, several steps are automated: the data is transferred to ERP and BI tool, an email report is created, and a satisfaction survey is sent to the customer. The customer completes the survey with MightFields public form. 

Business benefits

The transition from paper to digital forms has shortened the time of data collection, and at the same time, reduced the number of errors or incomplete data captures. 

Digitalization of the work process, from creating a service request to "automatically" issuing an invoice, simplified the process of reporting and fixing issues on machines. 

The solution in conjunction with BI allows for monitoring even the most common faults on each type of machine and measuring the response time to each service request. 

Usage of advanced elements (e.g., photographs, geolocation, exact time) allows for a better overview of the data collected and quick identification of potential problems (such as, say, damaged equipment). 

Improved customer experience and built credibility by keeping customers in the loop with a service status - notification about a planned visit, service reports, and satisfaction surveys. 

Better flow of information and centralized planning allows employees easy insights into their work and tasks. 

KMS demonstrated that the optimization of service interventions has a positive effect on both field teams and customers. By automating several steps in the field process, field workers can be more focused on their core tasks which improve customer experience and build credibility.