Saving time and building value through better field operations management with MightyFields

Telebit, one of Italy’s biggest Telecommunications infrastructure companies, employs over 400 field workers and also works with 500+ external contractors. The workforce is spread throughout the country and the company is expanding to other markets.

The company is providing a comprehensive array of services for telcos and network operators, including fixed and mobile networks development, building and maintenance, and has encountered several challenges adding complexity and cost to their work processes.


  • Improving first-time completion rate for on-location survey and inspection. Analysis has shown that an improved first-time job completion rate would substantially improve revenue growth and reduce workload. While there are diverse reasons for teams to return to a previously visited job site, in over 50% of cases the main reason was lack of information provided or collected.
  • Regular updates and adaptations to a large number of different digital forms
  • Optimizing task scheduling and location-aware task distribution
  • Automating data collection through integration into existing systems
  • Integrating subcontractors into the existing data collection ecosystem


We worked closely with Telebit to address their challenges through optimized fields operation management by:

Upgrading their field data collection process

Providing tool for task management

Providing a no-code form creation and adaptation tool

Working seamlessly with existing ERP and EAM systems

MightyFields enables Telebit to quickly address diverse and specific tasks and processes.

The information available to and collected by the field teams enables them to focus on the task at hand, and centralized data storage and workflows for all field teams, including subcontractors, ensures the integrity of field data collected.