Supporting field technicians to provide the best experience for tenants

Woonhaven is a social housing company from Belgium with over 280 employees. By maintaining and renovating more than 18,000 properties, they provide high-quality and affordable homes for their tenants.

Challenge - Relevant data unavailable and time-consuming administration in facility management

Before introducing MightyFields, they used paper forms to record data from field operations. With that approach, they were not able to record all the relevant data and make them instantly available to support their processes and keep their clients in the loop. They also lose time for administration by manually entering data into their back-end systems.

“Together with an internal change management process, technicians adopted the MightyFields app quite fast. It feels ‘naturally’. Backend users are also very happy with the reduced administrative work: no more handling of the paper workorders. Now they can focus on quality work!”

Jan Pieters, head of ICT

Solution - Workflow-supported digital forms and data centralization

At the end of 2021, the technical department introduced MightyFields. From then on, every technician goes out with a tablet where the whole process is optimized in guided workflow supported digital form. That helps technicians to collect accurate and mandatory data about job details before job completion. From mandatory checks, taking photos, and collecting client signatures to keeping track of time used for the job.

Technicians are also able to get the information if they have all the material/parts needed to complete the job by real-time access to which material/part is momentarily available in their van. That enables them to complete the job on the first visit without needing to revisit the location.

By integrating MightyFields with internal ERP system data from the field are instantly transferred and available in one central location to all interested stakeholders. No more re-typing, scanning, or retrieving information from lost paper forms which is not only time-consuming but also gives room for errors and false data.

“Stock quantities in our warehouse management are more accurate, due to the instant stock transactions, instead of waiting on the paper workorder coming in. We also experience an added value on the financial side: orders are handled faster, after the intervention, so invoices can be sent out much faster.”

Jan Pieters, head of ICT

Business benefits

Quality and real-time data, guided process inside digital forms preventing collection of false or missing data, photo/signature capture, time tracking, no loss of paper forms, and data available in real-time 

Less administrative work, auto-generated documents (.PDF), and all data instantly transferred to one central place with ERP integration 

Improved customer experience, auto-generated documents (.PDF) of interventions description is sent to customers mailbox instantly after job completion. 

Efficient stock management, recording parts, and material used in intervention for real-time overview of inventory availability  

Sustainable and cost-saving operation, digital instead of paper forms is saving a lot of paper and ink 

Woonhaven has shown that with optimization of field operation processes teams can focus on their job and utilize their core expertise. By reducing time for administration and having all the needed data available with a click, field teams have found great value in MightyFields so they can provide the best experience for their clients.