Simplify the processes of data collection

Digital forms prepared in MightyFields built with dependency logic and advanced elements will lead your field workers through the process of filling out forms with the fewest clicks possible. Planning and obtaining an overall overview of these tasks through the module Scheduler will become simpler and faster.

Empower your team and improve collaboration

Field workers will have a complete overview of all assigned tasks and their progress. In cases of unexpected events, or to support business processes, they can reschedule or reassign tasks. Back-office communication (phone, email) will be reduced to a minimum with push notifications coming directly to field teams’ devices.

Your communication with customers will be more transparent. Customers will receive a signed professional report with all the information about the work that has been performed. As soon as the work is done, a report is automatically generated and sent directly to the customer’s email.

Respond quickly to your needs

With the friendly drag and drop interface for creating digital forms, you can independently change/create mobile forms as soon as the need arises, without dependency on the provider or technical skills. The prepared digital form will be available to all field employees instantly.

Get reliable data from the field

Office employees will get a real-time overview of field data in one central place (MighyFields Studio), with the possibility of exporting the data. You will be able to easily connect the MightyFields platform to existing systems in two ways via the API, thus avoiding overwriting or double entry. As a result, your plans, analyses and reports will always be based on reliable and up-to-date data.

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