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MightyFields in 3 steps

1. Create & sharedigital forms

2. Use mobile formsin the field

3. Gather and analyseyour data

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Your gains

Digital forms prepared in the MightyFields platform are built with advanced elements that guide field staff through the field completion process, with the least possible clicks.

The MightyFields Scheduler module provides field workers with an overview of all ongoing, completed and planned tasks. Your employees can quickly reassign them to another employee or replan them.

Your customers will receive a report on the work performed by e-mail, with signatures and all essential information, immediately after the work performed.

You can easily prepare digital forms with a friendly drag and drop interface, without IT knowledge and dependency on the provider.

Office employees will have an overview to view data in a central location (MightyFields Studio) or to export them. You can easily connect the MightyFields platform to existing systems in two ways via the API.


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Mighty features

Recreate your checklists, inspections, work orders, audits and more.

Collect data whether you’re at the job site, on the road, or in the offices.

Use the professionally designed PDF’s to impress your clients.

With the visibility of the tasks statuses, you will plan your work more efficiently.

Get data in real-time without retyping and double inserting of data.

Use basic 30+ advance elements to build forms with least clicks possible.

Choose between local or cloud hosting. You decide!

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Use your forms on your favourite device - Android, iOS or web.

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