Field work optimisation at the measuring points of end customers 

 A solution for effective management and work execution of field teams 

    Empower field teams to work independently and efficiently

    Generate tasks within existing information systems 

    • Choose from a multitude of predefined tasks (connecting a measuring point, status inventory, etc.) and adapt them to your needs with the no-code editor. 
    • Generate tasks with a single click from existing information systems for measuring sites. 
    • With the help of integrations, you can pre-fill all relevant data about the measuring point, the installed equipment and the location of the visit. 

    Ensure optimal work schedules

    • Schedule work at the click of a button with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). 
    • Assign tasks to a specific person, or team, or create a pool of unassigned tasks that teams take on themselves. 
    • Have an up-to-date overview of tasks in a tabular or GIS view. 

    Easily parameterise measuring and control devices in the field 

    • Perform one of 15 pre-defined operations (read register, load profiles and events, manage disconnect control, read and set limiter threshold values etc.) 
    • Communicate with most common (Iskra, Landys&Gyr etc.) measuring and control devices. 
    • Simple integration of new meters 
    • Bluetooth communication with meters via optical probes. 
    • Support for DLMS and IEC 1107 protocols.

    Ensure automatic synchronization of data and documents

    • Automatically generate documents from data captured in the field. 
    • With the help of REST integrations, synchronise captured data and documents with the source system for managing measuring points. 
    • Export data from tasks to data warehouses and analyse your work processes with the help of BI/ML methods. 

    Up to


    faster execution of tasks

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    time saved on administration

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    fewer errors in captured data

    The No. 1 flexible working environment for fieldwork management and data capture

    MightyFields is a flexible platform that enables you to empower all your field teams to work independently and efficiently with one single solution. You can easily: 

    #1 Design field experience (with no-code form builder)
    #2 Create, schedule and distribute tasks (AI-powered)
    #3 Collect data from the field (on- or off-line, with a “fewest clicks” approach)
    #4 Use the data from the field (in any way you need)

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