Efficient planning of sales visits and accurate customer information

BTS Company d.o.o. is a trading company in Slovenia with over 30 years of experience. They offer comprehensive solutions in the field of machining, robotics, and consulting. This includes everything from cutting and measuring tools to equipment and machine tools. 


  • Sales personnel does not have all the relevant data when visiting client’ site​ – needs to collect them from various departments.
  • No overview of planned visits and availability of the sales team.
  • All the information from the visits is not available until the sales personnel is back at the office.

Solution: Efficient planning of sales visits and availability of information about the clients

To overcome their challenges, BTS Company has introduced MightyFields to support the sales process. In the back office, they now create tasks for each client they need to visit and delegate them with drag-n-drop scheduling module to sales personnel. From the calendar view, everyone knows which clients they need to visit in the following days, and the back office has real-time information about the status of each task. 

Every task includes all the relevant information about the client, so sales personnel is prepared when visiting the client. That information is retrieved from various sources/systems in the company and is included in the task. Before they introduced MightyFields sales personnel needed to collect information from different departments via telephone which is time-consuming and not always possible in time of need. 

For ad-hoc visits, sales personnel can create and schedule a new task directly from the mobile application and retrieves clients’ information with one click. They get instant information about open orders, reclamations, type of machines they have, … There is also all the history information about previous visits or executed work instantly available, so the salesperson knows all the clients’ specifics or any special agreements.   

When at the client location, sales personnel can instantly create new orders, manage (and solve) reclamations, provide relevant information for different departments in the company (billing, reclamation, maintenance, …), or even make customer experience surveys. 

Business benefits

With MightyFields introduction sales team can now visit more clients, provides better results, and level up the customer experience. 

Better sales results by empowering sales personnel with all the information about the client so they can pinpoint relevant sales opportunities. 

Higher team utilization and planning of visits with drag-n-drop scheduling module. 

Reduce time for collecting information for other departments (technical, billing, reclamations, …) where sales personnel can collect needed information on the spot. 

Real-time and accurate information from the sales visits instantly available in one central location.

BTS Company demonstrated the importance of accurate and real-time collection of data in the field. Field teams have found significant value in MightyFields as it allows them to improve customer experience by having all their information instantly available.