Create fully customisable forms

Use our friendly drag and drop form builder to create digital forms tailored to fit your specific data collection requirements, without the need for detailed technical knowledge.

Recreate your checklists, inspections, work orders, audits and more.

How to edit a digital form?
Creation of the digital form

Offline data collection

MightyFields forms are fully functional even offline. Collect data in remote locations without an Internet connection.

Collect and submit data whether you’re onsite, on the road, or in the office with offline mobile forms.

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Prepare the tasks with custom data and then assign and dispatch them with our friendly drag and drop Scheduler module, quickly and easily.

With full visibility of the current statuses of the tasks, you will be able to plan your work more efficiently.

How will scheduling improve your performance?
MightyFields Scheduler

Other Featuers

Use basic 30+ advance elements to build forms with least clicks possible.

Get data in real-time without retyping and double inserting of data.

Use the professionally designed PDF’s to impress your clients.

Choose between local or cloud hosting. You decide!

We are happy to help.

Use your forms on your favourite device - Android, iOS or web.

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