On the outside, fieldwork appears to be fairly simple. Seems. However, we are all aware that changes are constant, teams can be difficult to keep together, members change, people get sick, and we should all work on the carbon footprint of our teams… complexity grows exponentially.

The good news is some tools can control and reduce the complexity level. The more flexible the tools, the easier the management.

How can it be easier, when implementing change is not …

It can be challenging to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, for instance, implement a new set of tools at your work. Our Mighty client base is reporting the following benefits after using MightyFields:

  • 15 % higher first-time completion (fix) rate
  • 25 % more jobs executed (faster completion)
  • 30 % fewer errors from acquired field data
  • 10x faster time to market
  • Better business decision

And much more!

Capabilities of using a flexible working environment

In the upcoming blog posts, we will outline the five capabilities you can receive from using a flexible working environment such as MightyFields. All five capabilities are designed to make it faster and easier for the end user, may it be a field worker or back-office support to the field team.

If you wish to achieve a more flexible working environment, feel free to contact our team, we will find the most optimal solution for you.