YOUR logo and colours on MightyFields Mobile App

In times of critical lack of skilled workforce, branding among the (subcontracted) filed workers became a thing.

What differentiates you from other contractors of the installation teams is the relationship you build with your subcontractors. You do that by following the agreed terms and conditions of the cooperation and showing a cooperative attitude when not everything goes smoothly.

However, You usually don’t do that. Your teams do. So Mike, Ellen, Veronique, Robert, Nacho … each of them do their best to establish their bond of trust with their teams. And that can be eased and secured with branding.

Branding creates an emotional bond between your teams and your company. And aims towards a unified experience on the side of your end-user, the client your field teams are dealing with.

That is why we have upgraded the MightyFields Mobile App with the possibility of adding your branding – using your logo and colours to unify the experience with your service in the field and within the (subcontracted) team.

Branded mobile app is available on demand. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

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