MightyFields brings Mighty updates, for you and your team.

Keeping track of the hours worked by assistant workers 

In the previous release, version 3.12.0, joint work on tasks was implemented, which allowed for easier planning of work, improving collaboration and reducing unnecessary communication. Did you have the opportunity to utilize this new functionality?

Because in this version, we have further enriched this capability and made it possible to record time for assistants as well.

Improvements to the interface 

The minor improvements made in MightyFields Studio allow you to:

  • Move faster through the planner’s calendar by selecting a date from the calendar.
  • See the status and the date of visit of a work order in the list of all tasks.
  • Plan and divide tasks even faster as the address of a planned visit is displayed in the unassigned list.

Improvements made to the MightyFields app

It is now possible to search for a customer on a mobile device using a barcode reader. 

Other improvements

To our collection of open APIs, we’ve included a new API for generating external tasks. So, in case you have an external scheduling system or would like to include information from your corporate calendar, you are free to integrate that data into MightyFields to make the field teams scheduling even smoother.

All the changes will be available from today on.
As always, you can update the Mightyfields app directly from the App Store or Google Play.