Efficiently manage field operations
data in multiple application environments

Finding software that perfectly covers all of your needs is difficult, so your company might use multiple applications. But how to deal with the complexity of integrations? 

Utilize the power of applications with a low-code integration approach. 

What will you learn in our 15-minute webinar?

Why having »multiple applications« vs. »one integrated system«?

The all-around solutions can cover all your needs on a basic level. Learn how to maximize the power of applications focused on a specific business area (e.g. field operations).

How low-code approach to create REST API endpoints lowers integration complexity?

When connecting multiple applications each software communicates and transfers data differently. Learn how to configure endpoints using REST API Engine to lower costs and complexity of integration.

How to succeed when using multiple applications?

In multiple application environments, seamless communication between applications is crucial. Explore how bi-directional communication can help you achieve that.

Practical demonstration of creating integrations with low-code approach

Deep dive into the technical perspective of low-code systems and find out how to perform integrations.

Your hosts


Tjaša Šošter

Tjaša Šošter

Product Owner

Tjaša is a Product Owner of MightyFields with 5+ years as a core team member. A strong UX and analytical background backed with the best agile product development practice (CSM®) helps her be a master of translating market needs into product capabilities. She led MightyField's largest client implementation and is able to adjust “technical vocabulary” in a way that every person finds it simple and understandable.

Jaka Berdnik

Jaka Berdnik

Business Development Manager

Jaka has a broad range of experience across diverse industries. Having a good understanding of different companies ranging from tech startups to heavy machinery allows him to better understand & help with unique challenges each company faces when optimizing field operations and introducing new technologies.