The map view is available both for the back office administrator when they schedule tasks and for field workers on mobile devices executing the tasks. See how it works and what are the benefits?

The situation in the office: While scheduling the work in Mighty Scheduler, map view enables the administrator to manage resource allocation better and identify hot spots.

Better overview of tasks when scheduling work – Are the issues too spread out for your teams to respond effectively? Would it be more efficient to hire more field technicians? With the map, you can identify hot spots or the need for more technicians.

Less driving time – Make sure your team drives the least possible. Driving less reduces stress, lowers the carbon footprint, saves time and money etc. So why not use it to make everybody happy?

The situation in the field: The field worker finds themselves in the field with nothing to work on (because of cancellation or early finish). They can use the map view on a mobile device to see all the unscheduled tasks in the area and make their day more effective.

Easier to plan task executions – Do technicians have the freedom to set their schedule – to some extent? Mobile users can easily plan their stops when visits are scheduled for a day.

Less driving time – Who doesn’t want that? The field worker will choose the task closest to him, and besides, he can start navigating to the location with their preferred navigator right from the task.