We are happy to announce the release of MightyFields v3.9.0.
Let’s take a closer look at what the new update brings, as we create “history”.

#1 History

Field workers require a large amount of information, from the location of needed repairs to the tools and the type of knowledge that they need to perform the task. Yet sometimes that is not enough as information about past events and services are also needed to get the job done.

For this purpose, we at MightyFields have developed a new History feature that allows users in the field to view already closed cases. The user can filter between cases by asset, client or form template. For the selected case, you can now view or transfer documents. This allows you to access all the information about past events that you need to perform current task with only one click.

What are the benefits?

  • The field worker now has even more information at his disposal, which enables him to work and solve problems independently
  • More tasks completed on first visit (no return to location)
  • Less unnecessary communication between the office and the field team
  • Better experience for customers

#2 File save in Google bucket, file system or in database

For all those who have local instances, it is now possible to choose where to store images – Google Bucket, file system or database (so far). It is now possible to save images to a different source than the database which is cheaper.

All the changes will be available from today on.
As always, you can update the Mightyfields app directly from the App Store or Google Play.