This week, we are bringing you an exciting update to the MightyFields web and mobile platforms, as the new features allow for a more efficient and smoother workflow. Let us take a closer look at what the new update brings you:  

Do you want more agility when assigning tasks? If you are using scheduler, you can now assign a task to a group of users. These tasks can be seen on the MightyFields app, where you can click on a task, take it over, and execute it. And if you have no scheduled work, use a new unassigned task explorer, where all relevant unassigned tasks are displayed, and you can accept the task you want to execute.   

Further, all the scheduler tasks that have a location can now be displayed on a map. This will help you with navigation and planning. 

There are also several improvements in the mobile application. You will be able to save quite a few clicks by selecting multiple photos at once from the gallery. In addition, you will now receive a notification when a task you closed is reopened. This ensures that tasks are not overlooked by whoever worked on them previously. 

Sometimes it is difficult to put all crucial details in a short title, so extended titles (which are part of the mobile app for a long time now) are now displayed on the task list and in the scheduler. On the overview page of all tasks, you can now see and filter by additional task data, and this information is also displayed on the scheduler when viewing (un)assigned tasks. 

Did you know that content creation is now easier than ever before? You can now create a document with just one click, as it is possible to add all form fields to the document by clicking a button. When creating a form, it is now possible to preview it in the web application. This way you can immediately see and test any changes you make. In addition, having a drop-down field can be used as input for calculation – especially useful when we want to calculate the value from the set of answers. 

There are also several updates to ease administration. Users can now be assigned to groups and be given access rights either on the individual or group level. In addition, a new level of user rights – creator – has been added. Creators have the right to create a form as well as schedule tasks. 

We are also happy to announce that the MightyFields mobile and web applications are now available in Italian. MightyFields now supports 5 languages! 

We have also made some behind curtain updates. New public APIs have been added, which are available at Last, but not least, MightyFields can now be integrated with KeyCloack, for easier user management.  

For a comprehensive view of all changes, please check the Release notes.