To streamline your fieldwork, we have enriched the MightyFields platform with some new features.

Let’s take a closer look at how this will help make your field processes even more efficient.

#1 Plan you work on weekly scheduler

From now on, you can do scheduling of tasks also on the weekly scheduler. You can choose between two views – grouped by users and grouped by days. We believe this will speed up your planning process and also make the overview of scheduled work easier.

P.S.: We also did some minor technical and functional improvements to provide a better user experience.

#2 Tablet orientation - portrait or landscape

You can now change the preferred orientation on your tablet. In the settings, select if you want to complete your cases in portrait or landscape mode.

#3 Mighty Table now has an auto-save function

Do your form templates have table elements with multiple fields? Do your users spend a lot of time filling out one table row? If this is the case, we have good news for you, as from now on you can configure your table to auto-save all the records. Now all the data will be saved, even if you exit the table before confirming an entry or if you mistakenly (or on purpose) lock your phone.

#4 Name your pictures, videos, and other attachments

We all know that pictures tell more than a thousand words – but what if we have a picture or video with a capture? MightyFields now enables you to add an automatic capture to all of your attachments. Capture can also be changed on a mobile device if needed. Field workers can then easily reference an attachment in the text reports.

#5 Quickly add barcode/QR codes to the list

Use a barcode or QR code scanner to add records to the list element with only one click.

#6 French language

In addition to Slovenian, English in Dutch, we now support the French language.

All the changes will be available from today on.
As always, you can update the Mightyfields app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

For previous changes in MightyFields platform, please check our Release Notes 3.4.7.