To streamline your fieldwork, we have enriched the MightyFields platform with some new features.

Let’s take a closer look at how this will help make your field processes even more efficient.

#1 Save time with automatic generation of numbers for tasks

In order for you to save more time when adding new tasks and filling out forms, we have enabled automatic numbering of tasks. Each task can have an identical number for easier identification. Besides choosing the numbers for automatic task numbering, you can also add fixed characters or dynamic date values (year, month, day). You can also input numbers with any number of leading zeros.

#2 Now your employees can also read QR barcodes

To enable you to fill in forms even faster, with as much pre-filled data on the form as possible, we have upgraded the barcode reader.

As a result, you can now scan not only barcodes but also QR codes containing more data which is automatically filled in on the form simply by scanning the barcode. Your field staff will thus obtain information such as serial numbers, names, device types, etc. with just one click!

#3 Record a video in the field and add it to a report about the completed work

A picture says a thousand words, so how many words would a video say to your employees? The best service technicians know that some technical troubleshooting methods cannot be photographed, but these same service technicians will know in an instant what kind of troubleshooting is required if they hear the sound a broken-down machine is making. Record video breakdowns or the location of the occurrence and provide even more transparency to your customers.

#4 Let MightyFields calculate time differences for you and thus save time

Don’t waste time calculating time differences. We have upgraded the calculation field in such a way that you will save even more time, so it is now possible to calculate the time difference between two-time fields.

#5 Easier search and filtering of unassigned tasks

Do you create dozens of tasks for employees in the field every day, and is this now becoming harder and harder to handle for the people planning tasks at your company? You can now specify the tag and priority when creating a task. After you create tasks, you can then find them in the list of unassigned tasks, which you can filter and search by form template, tag and title. You can sort the tasks further according to the assumed values, priority and date.

#6 Create multiple tasks with just one click

In order to save time when creating tasks, dispatchers will now be able to mark multiple sites/customers to visit, thereby creating multiple tasks at once. When creating tasks, you will only need to indicate the duration of the individual task and the content on the form. Tasks will be displayed, depending on the settings, in the unassigned list or even on the Scheduler timeline.

#7 A better overview for Mighty customers - monthly view in Scheduler

Do you have many tasks that last the whole day? Previously, you only had daily and weekly views, but now we have added a monthly view. As a result, you will have a better overview of planned and past tasks – for the whole month – on mobile devices and in the browser!

#8 Only use Scheduler when you want to

Sometimes you may not wish to use the Scheduler – for example for the parameterisation of electric meters, registration of QR codes, or calculation of costs. Scheduler usage can now be turned off on the form template. Such tasks can be assigned to specific workers for specific forms.

#9 Get even greater flexibility when planning tasks - turn on the task overlapping feature

For even more flexibility in organising tasks in the Scheduler, your administrators can allow tasks to be overlapped – with just one click. When you turn on the task overlay setting, you will enable task overlap on your mobile device, for field staff as well as for Studio users on Scheduler.

#10 Notify customers of your arrival - send an email automatically

To facilitate better communication with your customers, you can now send the customer an email about the planned arrival of your employee at their location by simply setting up a new email campaign, fully automatically!

#11 We have improved the user experience of adding new elements to tables

For you to work even more efficiently, we have improved the user experience of adding new items in tables. This can be done on a tablet, in Studio, or on our Web app!

All the changes will be available from today on.
As always, you can update the Mightyfields app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

For previous changes in MightyFields platform, please check our Release Notes 3.3.5.