To streamline your fieldwork, we have enriched the MightyFields platform with some new features.

Let’s take a closer look at how this will help make your field processes even more efficient.

#1 Warehouse component - Your employees will now have access to warehouses and materials, even without an internet connection

To make it even easier for your employees to manage used materials and stock in warehouses, we have augmented the MightyFields platform with a new “Inventory” element. Furthermore, with the latest version, you will be able to use material and stock data from your back-end system on your mobile device, even if you don’t have an internet connection!

Add multiple warehouses

Do you have several warehouses in different locations? Simply add more warehouses to your list. This way, your employees will always know what they have in stock and in which warehouse it is stored.

Enter the used material from the desired warehouse

Add used material from the desired warehouse. Find the material using the search engine. All this with no need for an internet connection!

#2 New “Time tracking” functionality - you will now be able to track work time more quickly and accurately

In the MightyFields platform, we have added the functionality of recording the time spent on individual tasks. You can enable time tracking on a form template with just one click.

Field employees will be able to record working hours and breaks – whether it’s a well-deserved coffee break, lunch or any other interruption of work.  The “time tracking” will be visible on the relevant mobile device, when reviewing the case in the Scheduler and on the necessary documents.

#3 More advanced actions and emails

Do you want to send an email to specific customers only? Would you like data to be synchronised with back-end systems only when a field error is recorded? This is now possible with dependency settings when creating actions with back-end systems and when sending emails.

#4  Scheduler- add a new task faster

Add a task more quickly! We’ve changed the Scheduler so that you can create a task even faster by clicking on the timeline. Also, you can copy one of the existing tasks to the clipboard and then create a copy of this task, just by clicking on the timeline.

#5  Have a better overview of tasks

Remember when you previously only had a weekly view of your tasks?  In order to provide you with a better overview of  your tasks, we have also added a weekly overview to the Scheduler. What about users on mobile devices? They can also check  the “Weekly” overview.

All the changes will be available from today on.
As always, you can update the Mightyfields app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

For previous changes in MightyFields platform, please check our Release Notes 3.3.0.