We have published a new version of MightyFields mobile application!

We’ve made some changes in our MightyFields platform that will enable you to work even more efficiently.  Let’s see what these changes include.

#1 Easy handling of used materials 

We have added a new inventory widget that makes it easy to record materials that have been used when you are in the field. Information about these materials can be obtained from the ERP system or from the local code list.

# 2 Use data from data sources when creating a new task in the Scheduler

Creating new tasks is now even quicker and easier! The data about your customers can now be accessed through an integration with your ERP system or through a local data source.

#3 Plan your tasks on your mobile device also

You can now create a new task on your mobile device and fill in all the required information to see the task in Scheduler.

#4 Reschedule or cancel a task on your mobile device in two easy steps

You now have the option to move tasks in the MightyFields application to other time slots, or to cancel them, quickly and easily.

#5 Easily create a new task from an existing one

You can use an existing task as a template for a new task and clone the task with all the necessary data about your client.

#6 Call your customer directly from your home window

We have simplified the process of calling your customer. Besides getting the directions to your client’s location, you can now make calls in an easier way, with a swipe to the right

#7 Fill out cases more quickly

You can now retrieve data from the ERP system by clicking on the relevant tab. It’s so easy – with no need to click on additional buttons to retrieve the data.

#8 Various enhancements of the platform

To make the platform run even more smoothly, we have also enhanced the operation of MightyFields with several fixes for minor bugs.

All these new features are available today.  To get the new version of MightyFields, be sure to update the application on your mobile device! For additional questions you can write to us at support@mightyfields.com – we will be happy to receive any feedback.

For previous changes in MightyFields platform, please check our Release Notes 3.4.0.