The following video will show how you can quickly integrate with third-party apps and put your forms to work.


Dispatch API offers you the capability of creating  tasks with pre-populated values from your third-party app. When a task is dispatched, it is sent to the selected user mobile application via  a notification.

External data source

External data source API is how we enable you to access the online data  of your third-party apps. MightyFields performs a REST call to the back-end system, and returned data can then be used within the task.


With Webhook, data is  sent to your third-party systems. When a user closes an assigned task, MightyFields creates an action that sends data to a predefined API.

For integrations to work straight out of the box, you will have to have a REST API that uses JSON and API token authentication.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a REST API, we can provide other kinds of integration, for example WSDL database integration. We have considerable experience with such projects, but it should be noted that this increases the workload on our side.

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