So, you’ve decided to increase service quality and become more efficient by digitizing your fieldwork. ¬†Welcome aboard!

The following video will show you how you can edit digital forms, create reports and set rules for dispatch of reports in MightyFields platform.

In studio you will manage the work of the field team.  Your administrative employees will prepare form templates that field teams fill out. You will also be able to prepare mails to be send after your team fills out the the completed form.

Your field team will download an app for their mobile device, iOS or Android and will sign in with their credentials.

When a member of the field team logs in to the mobile application, he / she has the username and password to access all templates provided by the administrator. When the individual form is completed, the system manages the data itself, according to the settings specified by the administrator in the MF studio.

In the video you will learn more how to:

  • Create and edit a form – with a drag and drop tool you will be able to add fields in the order you want
  • Create a PDF document – with static and dynamic (that imports by itself when the form is filled out) data
  • Import code list – simple, which you enter manually or complex, which you are able to import from Excel file
  • Set rules for dispatch of E-mails – automate the sending of an E-mail

When the studio is managed by administrators with some technical knowledge of integrations, the studio also provides an API for performing the integration independently. However, we can also assist you in Comland’s team.