Field teams often depend on the information each field worker can sustain and use. And vice versa – field team managers often operate with no input from the site, making decisions based on historical experience with no reliable, up-to-date information. Let’s change that; it can be simple and relatively fast.

How can you change that? There are many ways. However, in all the years that we have been supporting companies on their way to transforming and digitalising field processes, it can be handy to use one tool, one working environment for field team management.

One tool? Yes, the least possible. Suppose you find a working environment that allows you to be flexible during different stages of your lifecycle (team’s, company’s lifecycle). In that case, you will be looking for a tool that allows you to:  

  1.  Design the field experience of your team; 
  2.  Define work for your team and send them work orders; 
  3.  And use the data as you wish. 

And you might wonder how that will affect your business and what you can expect. Here are some quantifiable results of working in a flexible working environment for fieldwork and field data capture:  


faster time to market

Before using a flexible working environment for field teams, the digitalising field-based processes took ten times more time. From months to days, some report.


higher First-Time Completion Rate

Before using a flexible working environment for field teams, they visited one site/client more than once in 20% of the cases.


more jobs executed

Faster and more efficient job completion seems to result in more motivation since the teams accomplish 25% more tasks within the same time frame. Bravo!


fewer errors from acquired field data

And yes, making the data capture at the field easier obviously affects the accuracy of the data. And not a bit; 30% is quite a percentage.

Informed business decisions

Decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data. It’s not quantifiable but self-evident and present. That is why we mention it anyway.

At least, this is what our clients report.  

And what would be your next step if you want to reach those numbers?
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