One of the key elements of profitability during construction and O&M of Solar PV projects is to have accurate data from the location sites which is always available in one central location. The data can be collected automatically via sensors or collected manually from the field.

Below are 4 suggestions on how to collect accurate information which require an on-site visit and make it instantly available in back-end systems. 

#1 Guided work process with advanced digital forms

Empower workers in the field with guided digital forms supporting their workflow and secure that work is done according to expected standards. With a guided process site manager, engineer or technician has information on what needs to be done to complete the job and collect all the required data. Providing a standardized work process is important whether you have internal or subcontracted field teams.

#2 Prevent collecting false data

False data prevents you to take the right actions when needed. The best way to manage this is to include various rules and error prevention logic in digital forms so field workers cannot complete the job if the collected data are imperfect or even missing.

#3 Multimedia data

To get the relevant information about a specific job, issue, or incident it is helpful to see the data not only in written format but also in the format of a picture or video. In this way person who was not physically present on-site can get a better notion of the situation and can make better decisions. Additionally, by up-marking photos (draw, highlight, add text, …) you can instantly pinpoint specifics of the job that needs focus.

#4 Up-to-date data available in your back-end systems (ERP; CRM, BI, PM tool, …)

Challenges when collecting field data with excel sheets, word documents, or even paper is that data need to be re-entered which takes additional administrative work, creates room for errors or they are saved in various locations. By integrating a digital solution for field operations with your back-end systems accurate data are always available for all the stakeholders in one central location. If the work is performed in areas with no internet connection the data are automatically transferred as soon as an internet connection is available.