Raising heavy loads and standards

Klancar is a family-owned business supporting construction companies by renting specialized building equipment, primarily cranes and scaffolding, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. With over 220 projects a year in several countries, managing their business processes has become a challenge – especially since the sales team and the equipment warehouse are in separate locations.


  • Optimizing processes and workflows: reducing planning time, lowering communication overhead, and decreasing the number of errors in data acquisition.
  • Centralizing data storage to provide a better overview of equipment.
  • Adapting and updating existing forms quickly when needed to provide the best experience for their workers while still collecting relevant information.
  • Keeping a better overview of staff and planning employee workloads in a centralized location.


The first challenge for the company was optimizing the process of equipment transport from warehouses to partner locations, and to allocate staff according to each project’s needs. Using paper forms or even phones to organize the equipment, transport, installation, and people, has become inadequate with the larger number of projects. Further, the sales team did not have up-to-date information available to optimize equipment flows and better serve their customers.

MightyFields enabled them to digitize their information flow, increasing transparency and simplifying field, warehouse, sales, and billing processes. With customized forms, staff can provide relevant data immediately – from back office to field teams and back from the field to both the back office and sales teams, enabling them to optimize equipment installation and to plan employee workloads accordingly.

Klancar also inspect each location before renting out equipment. MightyFields is used to document all location-specific info relevant to the equipment used (i.e., accessibility, availability of infrastructure like electricity), with a wizard showing them suitable equipment based on location parameters.

This enables them to prepare finalized offers quickly, and the report is also automatically delivered to the customer, giving him an insight into what equipment is required and why.

MightyFields helped us reduce our error rate when acquiring data by 30-40%, while the time to write on-location reports basically dropped to zero, as they are generated automatically.
MightyFields enables us to digitize all our processes, as it integrates easily into the existing environment. This enables us to acquire filed data quickly and accurately, while also making them available to the whole team immediately when required.
David Rošić, COO


Moving from paper to digital forms shortened data acquisition times while also reducing the number of errors and incomplete info.

By unifying and digitizing processes all relevant staff has a better overview of project status (equipment transport, deployment, monthly overviews, etc.), enabling them to serve their customers better.

Integrating advanced elements into their forms (i.e., photos and automatic time recording) gives them a better insight into tasks done, and potential problem points (i.e., damaged equipment).

Digitizing and optimizing other business processes enabled them to streamline sales, accounting, and client service.

Better information flows through centralized management, giving the employees all relevant info for their work in one place.

Klancar has shown that even in a hands-on and offline industry like construction, digitizing your business processes helps you expand your business, and enables you to provide a better service to your clients.