In this article, we will provide some tips on how to help mobile workers play a strategic role in increasing revenue for your business.

Mobile workers are the face of a brand. Salesforce research shows that today, their role is more important than ever. Mobile workers see the increased responsibility as well – 85% believe to be the ones responsible for customer retention. Due to the increased responsibility and importance, decision-makers can also turn to them for support in common business goals, such as creating new revenue streams.

To set your mobile workforce up for success with their increased responsibilities, we suggest the following:

Train your workers regularly

More than 50% of field workers said they need improved training so that they can execute their job efficiently.

Provide training for everything – from technical to customer service skills. Make sure the learning process for onboarding, as well as continued education, is personalized.

The two most important educational areas are:

  • emotional intelligence, whereby you must teach employees how to actively listen to customers, ask questions, and communicate effectively;
  • upselling, with emphasis on teaching them the basics of how to sell during their service.

Help workers realize their career potential

Work with them on setting the goals from the very beginning and help them achieve these goals.

Include technical proficiency, relationship-building, customer service basics, and even sales goals to the goal-setting sessions. Then, encourage regular checkups and assessment of improvements.

Broaden your talent pool

Make sure your workers are not overworked to prevent unnecessary mistakes. To increase your talent pool, we suggest partnering up with technical schools for easier recruiting and faster talent recognition.

Let your field workers become your revenue protectors

Field service managers must help mobile workers see their true potential. As trusted advisors, field service managers can drive customer retention and help your company protect and grow revenue.


Don’t underestimate the power of a field worker. They spend most of their time inside your customers’ premises, learning about their business challenges. Use this knowledge to grow your business.

And lastly, to make sure your workers are being the most productive they can be and use their potential to the fullest, you should free them of unnecessary tasks. Tasks such as writing reports, looking for the right forms, etc. With the help of MightyFields, your field service management will run digitally and thus smoothly. Enabling workers to focus on technically more complicated tasks, customer retention, and revenue growth.

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