We are continually enhancing MightyFields application for you to be able to work more efficiently on the field.

Check how you can get directions, call a client, reschedule a task, or reassign a job directly from MightyFields application in a short video.

Call clients directly from MightyFields application

Is your technician late and wants to communicate late arrival to customer’s location? We have simplified the process of calling your customer. Besides getting the directions to your client’s site, you can now make calls more quickly, with a swipe to the right.  

Cancel appointment, quickly and easily

Has your customer called you to let you know that they will not be at home at the agreed time and wants to move the appointment to another time?  If you want to reschedule the task to other time slots, you can do that directly from MightyFields application. You can also cancel them, quickly and easily. 

Add new task faster

Have your technicians gotten a call for a new task, at a new location? They now have the ability to plan the tasks by themselves. All in MightyFields application. The technician can also use an existing task as a template for a new task. They can clone the task with all the necessary data about your client—more about novelties in our latest Release Notes.

You can use MightyFields mobile application offline or online. You will need an internet connection only during data synchronisation. After all the data is synced to a mobile device, you can use the mobile app offline. When the device is online again, all of your data will be synced automatically.  Check for more information in FAQ.