Slovenian Electric power distribution company – Elektro Gorenjska quickly and above all, independently digitises the processes within the entire organisation. In the past, it took them weeks, sometimes even months, to digitalise individual data capture, today they carry it out within a few days.

As part of the digitisation process, Elektro Gorenjska aimed to transform the work of their employees in the field and the processes related to it; however, according to Dominik Ovniček, the head of the IT department, this is just the beginning. Elektro Gorenjska plans to digitised practically all the processes within the organisation. In addition to field work, all processes involving both internal and external customers are being digitised. They achieve this by using the Mighty Fields data capture platform supplied by the Comland company.

Determining the parameters of the measuring control devices via a tablet or mobile phone

First, Elektro Gorenjska started data capturing and determining the parameters of the measuring control devices (MCD) through MightyFields. By applying the Task Manager solution, which enables capture, allocation, future, and priority planning of tasks for field operators and the Comland platform for the preparation of digital data capture, they are formulating a solution that is being tested. Their installers use tablets or mobile phones when installing smart meters. With mobile devices, they perform data capture processes, including reading and setting MCD parameters via a Bluetooth sonde.

Independent in capturing data

Elektro Gorenjska independently prepares the contents of data capture and integration with the existing ERP and other back-end systems. “This solution is practical, as it is based on a system of forms with data, which are held in Elektro Gorenjska’s back-end systems. Thus, we can add functions to the forms, which are required in the field. Furthermore, it also enables installers in the field to use and live to upgrade the data of back-end systems, which is crucial for ensuring accuracy and promptness of data,” explains Dominik Ovniček who adds that the MightyFields solution provides them with a complete overview of the whole process – from customers’ needs to execution and eventual invoicing.

Flexible solution and team for it

“Comland’s platform offers various options of application. At the same time, their engineers are open to possible upgrades and suggestions. It allows simple modification, addition, and removal of forms according to needs. We spend very little time on the processes, which is important in a substantial and strategic project, such as digitisation,” explains Dominik Ovniček.


Source: The voice of commerce magazine