About Robotik Montaža

Robotik Montaža is a company which specialises in installations and repairs of cable TV, internet, and telephone lines decided to digitalize their processes. They are a subcontractor for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in Serbia. Their business is mostly done in the field, working with their clients.

Challenge: Paper forms and time-consuming data capture

Before they implemented the MightyFields platform, they gathered data using paper forms. Every morning, the employees had to come to the office to pick up their work orders. After they had finished with the tasks for the day, the data on the forms, which had been collected from the field, had to be retyped into the system – detailing the working hours, the used materials, and other costs that had occurred during each service.

“Technicians no longer have to go to the company’s headquarters to pick up forms, and they don’t need to retype the data from paper forms to the computer.”

Nikola Popović, CEO of Robotik Montaža

Solution: Faster data capture without retyping

Data capture using digital forms saves Robotik Montaža a great deal of valuable time, as the technical team does not need to go to the office to pick up the work orders with their assignments for the week/day. Now, the employees are able to get a list of tasks and open a digital form on their mobile device, and therefore the process of data capture has become faster and more organized.  In addition, the data they gather in the field at clients’ locations doesn’t need to be retyped computers by their employees. The data captured in the field, including used materials and photos, gives them a better overview and history of all work performed. When required, they can also get a report for their client, instantly, with just a couple of clicks.  Finally, the data is exported as an Excel file, where it can be further manipulated in order to prepare invoices for their clients and pay salaries to the subcontractors.

 “As we use MightyFields, we are able to capture all the relevant data from the field digitally, with our phones, including photos after the work is performed, and so we save on paper, fuel, and consequently, we also save money.”

Nikola Popovič, CEO of Robotik Montaža

Business benefits of their digital transformation

  • Less administrative work required, the unified process of data collection, and elimination of data entry / retyping errors.
  • Better overview, easier and faster planning and invoicing of performed work tasks.
  • Better transparency – the ability to generate reports for their clients, with just a couple of clicks – including photos of the performed work.

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